top [1] NOUN 1) the highest or uppermost point, part, or surface. 2) a thing placed on, fitted to, or covering the upper part of something. 3) (the top) the highest or most important rank, level, or position. 4) the utmost degree: she shouted at the top of her voice. 5) chiefly Brit. the end that is furthest from the speaker or a point of reference. 6) a garment covering the upper part of the body. 7) (tops) informal a particularly good person or thing. 8) the high-frequency component of reproduced sound. 9) a platform at the head of a ship's mast.
ADJECTIVE 1) highest in position, rank, or degree. 2) chiefly Brit. furthest away from the speaker or a point of reference.
VERB (topped, topping) 1) be more, better, or taller than. 2) be at the highest place or rank in. 3) reach the top of (a hill, rise, etc.). 4) (usu. be topped) provide with a top or topping. 5) informal kill. 6) Golf mishit (the ball) by hitting above the centre of the ball.
ADVERB (tops) informal at the most.
get on top of — Cf. ↑get on top of
on top — Cf. ↑on top
on top of — Cf. ↑on top of
on top of the world — Cf. ↑on top of the world
over the top — Cf. ↑over the top
top and tail — Cf. ↑top and tail
top off — Cf. ↑top off
top out — Cf. ↑top out
top up — Cf. ↑top up
DERIVATIVES topmost adjective.
ORIGIN Old English.
top [2] NOUN a conical, spherical, or pear-shaped toy that may be set to spin.
ORIGIN Old English.

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